Coach’s Corner Saturday: Nardwuar vs Don Cherry

55652-bigthumbnailFor those of you who are not Canadian or did not grow up watching MuchMusic, (shout out to Rick The Temp, Master T and Bradford How), Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a journalist who has a very unique way of interviewing people.

In case you missed last week’s Rock’ Em Sock ‘Em techno edition of Coach’s Corner Saturday, I featured Don Cherry’s brief foray into techno music. Nardwuar picks up on that and has a little chat about it all the while giving Don a copy of the album. How he actually found a copy is beyond me.

He also brings along other records for Don. Bet you didn’t know Bobby Orr had a record. And Phil Esposito. And Rick Vaive. Anyway, watching Nardwuar interviewing anyone is always a laugh so check out this one.

And remember, keep on rocking in the free world and doo doodle loo do……


Coach’s Corner Saturday: Rock’Em Sock’Em Techno

55652-bigthumbnailThe  90’s were one of the best decades ever. Especially the early 90’s. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing some kind of euro-dance music or Jock Jams and our faithful Grapes decided to dabble into the fad a bit.

The video was apart of one of Don Cherry’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em hockey tapes that he still releasing up to this every day. It usually features the best plays and hits in the season that had just past. This one featured Don Cherry attempting to rap.

“Listen listen, never turtle. If you do that, they’ll call you Myrtle!!”

You’ve been warned.  LET’S GO!