Coach’s Corner Saturday: Nardwuar vs Don Cherry

55652-bigthumbnailFor those of you who are not Canadian or did not grow up watching MuchMusic, (shout out to Rick The Temp, Master T and Bradford How), Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a journalist who has a very unique way of interviewing people.

In case you missed last week’s Rock’ Em Sock ‘Em techno edition of Coach’s Corner Saturday, I featured Don Cherry’s brief foray into techno music. Nardwuar picks up on that and has a little chat about it all the while giving Don a copy of the album. How he actually found a copy is beyond me.

He also brings along other records for Don. Bet you didn’t know Bobby Orr had a record. And Phil Esposito. And Rick Vaive. Anyway, watching Nardwuar interviewing anyone is always a laugh so check out this one.

And remember, keep on rocking in the free world and doo doodle loo do……


Author: MarchHockey

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