Twitter Takeover Q&A with @EIHLMEMES

32008_440250514621_4995458_nLast Sunday before the Olympic gold medal game between Canada and Sweden, I took over the Twitter account of @EIHLMEMES and had the pleasure of answering some questions. At 5 o’clock in the morning I was half asleep but it was still tons of fun! Can’t wait to do it again. Here’s the transcript for anyone who missed it!

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Ben Smith ‏@urbanbushmonkey 2m

@EIHLMEMES @MarchHockey Obviously Belfast were worthy champions, what do you think went wrong for Blaze?

A: Injuries is what screwed over the Blaze. Especially the timing of them. That and not playing as a team in the fall.

Frozen Steel Blog ‏@FrozenSteelBlog 1m

@EIHLMEMES @MarchHockey what got you into the EIHL?

A: Jeff Legue and I are from the same city so I kinda followed his career off and on. Really got into the EIHL this year.

Fi ‏@fionapm2001 3m

@EIHLMEMES do you think this year’s champs could beat last year’s?

A: Yes I most definitely do. Belfast is very strong offensively. I have yet to see another team in the league compete on their level.

Ben Smith ‏@urbanbushmonkey 5m

@EIHLMEMES do you think Blaze can/will win the playoffs?

A: I hate to say it but no. Their little turn around has come too far in the end of the season. They’re gonna get whipped.

Rob Lomas ‏@CptFrootcake 4m

@EIHLMEMES what made you pick Cov Blaze as a favourite team?

A: Ask @EdKimberley and @fourthlinewing . All their fault.

Clantastic ‏@Clantastic 2m

@EIHLMEMES @MarchHockey the NHL could do a lot more to promote the sport in Europe, made a mess of tv rights. Do they care ?

A: Bettman probably doesn’t, although if the right deal came along (read: money), he’d be all over it in a heartbeat.

Ben Smith ‏@urbanbushmonkey 1m

@EIHLMEMES will we ever see a European based NHL team?

A: Never. The KHL would put a stop to that big time.

EIHL Magazine ‏@EIHL_magazine 12m

@EIHLMEMES @MarchHockey how is the EIHL regarded amongst other minor leagues in NA? How do you think it compares? CHL level? ECHL? Etc

A: From what I’ve seen, I’d put it on par with the CHL for sure. Maybe a step behind the East Coast. It’s great hockey though.

Jim Morris ‏@jims2601 10m

@EIHL_magazine @EIHLMEMES @MarchHockey based on your answer do the players coming across see it as easy pickings in a beer league?

A: Not at all. A lot of the guys who go over know it’s competitive hockey and most know somebody who’s played in the league.

Ben Smith ‏@urbanbushmonkey 12m

@EIHLMEMES how could the KHL stop say Blaze from applying?

A: No team from the EIHL will make it in the NHL. Too much politics and not enough money. The KHL would just buy them out to begin with.

India ‏@IndiaLoxleyNJD 11m

@EIHLMEMES How do you think the Elite League can be promoted to be more well known, to other countries and new fans?

A: Great question. Start giving more power to the Webcast guys. The internet is a powerful medium. @IndiaLoxleyNJD

Neil Young ‏@realneilyoung1 11m

@EIHLMEMES Which in your opinion is the more talented league overall KHL or NHL?

A: Talent wise, KHL but they’re all playing for themselves. NHL, there’s more teamwork and it’s better hockey.

Jonathan Specz Hill ‏@jonnyhill36 8m

@EIHLMEMES recently the CHL banned import goalies. Would it be a smart thing for the EIHL to for UK development?

A: No, I’m against it; wrote an article on it. To be the best, you gotta play the best no matter what country they’re from.

Andy Stevenson ‏@AndyStevenson86 5m

@EIHLMEMES what was it that made you like Coventry Blaze as your EIHL team? Even half the coventry fans dont even like them

Hahaha, once again, I put the blame on @EdKimberley and @fourthlinewing . It’s all their fault.


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