Jersday: North Bay Battalion


Once known as the Battalion from Brampton, the troop relocates this season to their new barracks in North Bay. I absolutely am in love with this logo and jersey. Mainly because I have a stupid obsession with war history but I digress.

The logo just screams like an army sergeant and hell, sometimes the players even skate out of an inflatable tank! The jersey itself is made to look like army gear with the stripes along the side. The only downfall to this is the terrible green colour but I guess you got to win some to lose some.

Blake-Clarke-Brampton-BattalionCody Hodgson and Matt Duchense got their start with the Battalion and put up some pretty decent numbers. I’m glad they decided to keep the name and not start over with something brand new in North Bay. Hopefully the fans will take to them just as faithfully as the ones in Brampton did. I’ll be looking forward to the start of the OHL season to see if there will be any changes made to the logo or jersey.


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