Cornwall River Kings: Examining the Joly trade

Late last Friday the Cornwall River Kings dealt fan favourite Mario Joly up the road to the new expansion team of the Valleyfield Braves.

maxresdefaultOf course, there was immediate backlash and who’s to say is wasn’t warranted. However, when it comes down to reasoning in a trade, you may never find out the real reason. Maybe management decided it was time to move on; maybe it was the player. You can speculate all you want and come up with a million reasons. (Hell, when Rod Brind’Amour was with the Flyers, he was traded to Carolina because Eric Lindros was having an affair with his wife. But I digress.) The fact of the matter is, what’s done is done and it’s time to move forward.

The River Kings are entering their second LNAH season this year. While they bolstered their line up last year to make an impact, things can change in an instant. With a wild and bumpy road that’s been the past few months and as a second year team, its only right to work your way up the league with experience and determination. You’re not going to win the championship overnight. Let me repeat that for certain people.


Yvan Busque.

In return, the River Kings picked up Yvan Busque and Sebatien Payette.  Busque was acquired by Valleyfield from St. Georges where he notched 26 points in 28 games. Compare that to Joly’s 16 in 31. (Yes I realize he was injured for the most part too.) Busque has put up solid numbers for his 4 years with St. Georges and a year long stint in Austria.

Payette just finished his junior career in the QMJHL with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. He’s a rugged defenseman who picked up 32 points in 54 games. A solid final year.

There’s more to a hockey team then just grit, strength and toughness. Case in point, Mario Joly. Joly was linked to the Coventry Blaze of the EIHL the past two seasons and it wasn’t because of his fists. Most leagues are trying to move away from that aspect. The game just isn’t the same anymore and it’s time people start realizing.

Whether you like it or not Cornwall won that trade. But what do I know right?


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8 thoughts on “Cornwall River Kings: Examining the Joly trade”

  1. Cornwall does not deserve any kind of hockey, what they need is WWE and a year round carnival to keep them entertained.

  2. Hi Ashley, our first year owning the Cornwall Comets we went to the finals then won the championship the following year! Just saying… Yes we spent a lot to get the team we had but the other teams were intimidated by us and were always watching instead of playing so in this league SIZE and GRIT does matter… Besides the fans enjoy good hockey but LOVE a GREAT FIGHT!


    1. The Comets were a little different though Joel. There were staged fights in that league and wasn’t it mandetory to have 3 fights a game? That’s just what I remember hearing. Truth be told, I think I only ever made it to 2 or 3 Comets games. While I agree that everyone loves a great fight and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t, hockey is a bit of a different breed now. And this is from what I’ve seen talking to people from all around the world. Size and grit might matter, but to an extent.

      1. I agree Ashley. Hey I love a good scrap just as much as the other person, but with the way size (smaller) and speed are making for entertaining hockey…ill take it! Throw in a rivalry fight now and then and everyone is happy!

      2. ….or at least SHOULD be happy! And just hearing about the Joly trade through this post…we definitely got the better end of the deal!!

  3. Ryan Hand will make everyone forget Joli. Saw this guy play for St. Hyacinthe a few years ago and will b one of if not the toughest in the league this year. And a recent player too.

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