PATTEN: Jaromir Jagr, The Traveling Man

Just checking in after a very uneventful day at the American Embassy. However The LA Kings made California’s Highlight reel in a tourism video of “must see” things to do….not all bad right?!

I was looking at things to complain about.

So I thought I’d touch on the subject of Jaromir Jagr.

As much as I don’t really have any sort of personal or hockey bias toward the man at all, intact I’m quite fond of him, I can’t help but dislike what may be transpiring in his new deal with the New Jersey Devils.

I’m not debating that Jags doesn’t have playoff hockey in him anymore (others may do..I personally think he’s got something left in the tank) but I just feel like this isn’t a situation where a player has been loyal to his team and without a cup,  looking for winning opportunities at the end of his career. Skirting very much on rent a player hockey? Possibly yes.

Are players in the future going to sign one year deals a with a struggling team, play a some-what easy regular season and then be traded to a cup contender without having to really work to get into the playoffs? Some might not like that thesis, but I feel it maybe a reality that’s slowly coming into the back door of the hockey world.

New Jerseys Standpoint

I’m head scratching right now as to what to write. Of course Jagr will be a great addition to young team that need support and guidance but I’m not sure about the financial cost of the contract for a already cash strapped organization.

My prediction is he will be traded at the trade deadline for the highest pick  they can get.

Over and out.


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