Fan Voice: Rudi Harrison and a brief look at the Sheffield Steelers

Drew Fata with Rudi (right) and her sister. (Twitter: @icehockey_gurl)
Drew Fata with Rudi (right) and her sister. (Twitter: @icehockey_gurl)

Rudi Harrison is one of the many young faithful followers of the Sheffield Steelers and she gives me a brief look at why she loves the game of hockey.

March Hockey: Where are you located and how did you get into hockey?

Rudi Harrison:  England. I’ve always been a huge fan of hockey but never had the chance to go to a game till 2007 at Sheffield Arena. I fell in love with the sport!MH:What makes you a passionate fan of the Sheffield Steelers?

RH: The strength of the players and the team. They are always positive, and in my eyes one of the best teams in the EIHL.

MH: Who is one player to look for on the team and why?

bust-brokeRH: Drew Fata.  Not only is he a good defenseman, he is a great fighter which makes the game a lot tougher!

MH: Do the Steelers do enough to keep fans interacted with the game?

RH: Yes!

MH::  Who is your favourite hockey player of all time?

RH: Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara for sure!

MH: What would be your dream hockey game? Which two teams would

RH: A game between two rivals, so there’d be alot more fights and a lot more shots and goals keeping the fans on the edge of their seats. Probably the Bruins against the Steelers, now that would be an amazing game!

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