SOCHI 2014: Russian Federation

Russia-hockey-logoTime to check out the host nation in our look at the Sochi 2014 Olympic games.

Starting in goaltending, you’d think they’d have a lot to pick from but in reality they don’t. Their best shot is 2013 Vezina Trophy Sergei Bobrovsky (friend of the show….). An incredible young goaltender that still makes me question why the hell the Flyers got rid of him. Speaking of the Flyers, Bobrovsky’s teammate and probably backup is non other then his starting goaltender in Philadephia, Ilya Bryzgalov. Rounding out the goaltenders is Semyon Varlamov. Which isn’t too shabby. And gives me an excuse to use this:

Kovalchuk. Ovechkin. Malkin. Doesn’t that sound like a sweet first line to you? It’s music to my ears for me. Datsyuk. Tarasenko. Yakupov. Sweet jesus, a fire powered second line too?! Anisimov. Radulov. Semin. HOLY DEPTH CITY. I’m not even gonna write any more about them.

Defence defence defence! And they slightly have none of it. Markov, who did absolutely nothing in Montreal last year is in the ranks along with Montreal teammate Emelin, Kulikov, and everyone’s favourite ex-Sen donkey Sergei Gonchar. Oh boy, split the D boys, it’s your only chance.


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