FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Leafs/Kings 1993 Conference Finals

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston BruinsWe left off last Friday with Doug Gilmour’s double overtime goal against the St. Louis Blues. The Leafs took the series and headed to the conference finals against Wayne Gretzky and the Los Angeles Kings.

Belive it or not, this was the first conference final to not have either Calgary or Edmonton shine in it since 1982. Both teams were at an all time high, especially the Leafs. This was the first team that had gelled together for a Stanley Cup run in a long time. (Think 1967 long).

With the Kings down 4-1, Game 1 started off the controversy and rivalry when Marty McSorley decided to just flatten Dougie Gilmour on open ice with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd period. Wendel Clark, never one to shy down from anything, decided to take matters into his own hands.  And this one is a beauty of a fight.

Coach Pat Burns was furious and was adament that Los Angeles coach Barry Melrose ordered McSorley to take out the Leafs star player. But the controversy was just getting started.

Fast forward to game 6 where the Leafs were ahead 3 games to 2 and one win away from the Stanley Cup finals. Playing on home ice, the Leafs were pumped, angry and just raring to go. Not to mention the fans. The game went back and forth similar to a few games Chicago and Boston played in the finals this year. With the score knotted at 4 a piece, the Leafs and Kings head to overtime.

Maybe you’ve heard of this guy Wayne Gretzky. The league’s star (and for intents and purposes could be down right dirty) player, decided to give ol’ Dougie a little stick tap to the face which resulted in cutting Gilmour’s chin. Right in front of the official. Perfect. 5 minute major right?


BECAUSE Gretzky was the league’s star player and ultimate money making machine, he could do no harm. Gilmour was left bloody and Gretzky was left unpenalized.  Ok, no worries. The Leafs still got this.

Wrong again. Peter Zezel takes a stupid penalty and you know who decides to show up and play….

It was all over but the crying folks. The Kings went on to win the whole series. The Gilmour incident remains on the most controversial plays in NHL history.



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