In honour of Jonathan Bernier and Ryan Miller’s fight, a goalie fight compilation


In case you haven’t heard, there was a huge line brawl in last night’s Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres match up. Complete with Phil Kessel doing his best “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan impression and everyone’s favourite: a goalie fight.

For your viewing pleasure:

Of course, this got me to thinking. Why not honour the greatness that is a goalie fight. Here are some scrums that stick out in my mind.

First off the bat is Philadelphia’s favourite hot headed goaltender, Ron Hextall. While Hexy is most remembered for being insane and slashing the hell out of players, there’s one incident that pretty much shuts him up in the years following. His opponent? None other then another Leafs, Felix “The Cat” Potvin.
Hextall gets his ass handed to him by Potvin. One of the best goalie fights of all time.

This next one shows how intense playoff rivalries can be. During the 90’s, the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche had an intense one that came alive with every game. In the same series, this first fight Mike Vernon and Patrick Roy skate all the way to centre  and spear each other to the ice.

The following year, the heat didn’t settle between both teams. In this particular game, there was 46 penalties and 228 penalty minutes. Including Chris Osgood taking on the beloved Patrick Roy.

This next one features one of the best looks every given. Granted, Ray Emery is a little bit off the wall to begin with (but what goaltender isn’t really? Ha.), but watch the sick little smile Emery gives Martin Biron. It clip was on every highlight reel for weeks.

Got any other goalie fights worth mentioning? What about in the minor leagues? Get at me on Twitter @MarchHockey or facebook,


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