Cornwall River Kings make a splash with Valleyfield Braves trade

Announced today, the Cornwall River Kings shipped centre Olivier Proulx to the new expansion team of the Valleyfield Braves. In return, the Kings received an integral piece of their inaugural season in Steve McJannett. Along with McJannett came scoring machine Dominic Chiasson.

So what does this mean for Cornwall?

37Clearly, the River Kings won the trade. Cornwall has everything to gain in this 2 for 1 deal. Chiasson seemed to find his groove in the LNAH after spending 9 years in the United league. A 10 year vet of the LNAH, he has suited up for 411 games and managed to notch 522 points. This will be a welcome addition of fire power to the Cornwall River Kings line up.


McJannett on the other hand, is not quite a scoring machine like Chiasson but one tough man to have on the ice. This will bring more of the grit, toughness and size that is needed for the River Kings. Coach Simoes played with McJannett last season with Cornwall, so he knows exactly what kinda of player McJannett is, on and off the ice.

1297401949921_ORIGINALThings are improving at a steady pace for Cornwall and are easily starting to put the nay sayers to shame. A few more transactions and signings to go before they’re ready to be at the state they were in at the beginning of last year’s debut, but the right people are in place to make this team thrive.

Cornwall’s next home exhibition game is October 5th when “The Battle of the 401” commences in Valleyfield coming to town. Should be a great night of hockey.


Author: MarchHockey

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