In honour of Jonathan Bernier and Ryan Miller’s fight, a goalie fight compilation


In case you haven’t heard, there was a huge line brawl in last night’s Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres match up. Complete with Phil Kessel doing his best “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan impression and everyone’s favourite: a goalie fight.

For your viewing pleasure:

Of course, this got me to thinking. Why not honour the greatness that is a goalie fight. Here are some scrums that stick out in my mind.

First off the bat is Philadelphia’s favourite hot headed goaltender, Ron Hextall. While Hexy is most remembered for being insane and slashing the hell out of players, there’s one incident that pretty much shuts him up in the years following. His opponent? None other then another Leafs, Felix “The Cat” Potvin.
Hextall gets his ass handed to him by Potvin. One of the best goalie fights of all time.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY – 1993 Stanley Cup Playoffs Pt. 1

I’m going to make one fan base re-live cruel moments and one fan base re-live some glory with this one. I apologize in advance, you guys know who you are.

Ahhhhh 1990’s hockey. What a time to be a hockey fan! Canadian teams were still half decent; ALL CANADIAN TEAMS MADE THE PLAYOFFS, Wayne Gretzky turned his back, defected to Los Angeles and then became hated by a nation, and then there’s my personal favourite: Mediocre NHLers of the 90’s. But more on that on Mediocre Monday. (I’m looking at you Sergio Momesso.)

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

The first round of the 1993 playoffs saw a deep rivalry between the Montreal Canadiens and Quebec City Coyotes…I mean, Nordiques. After all, Montreal’s star goaltender, a guy by the name of Patrick Roy is from rivaled QC. Not phased however, Montreal whizzed passed them and into the second round. Little did they know that would be the last time they’d play the Nordiques of Quebec.

The Boston Bruins came into the playoffs with the second best record in the league. Anything can happen though as the Buffalo Sabres proved that by SWEEPING them in 4.  I think I’ll just leave this here…..

Fast forward to the division finals. Montreal sweeps Buffalo, the Islanders beat Pittsburgh (?!?) and L.A throttles Vancouver. The Norris Division final was between the Toronto Maple Leafs and St. Louis Blues. The game went the full 7 games and what a beauty of a series it was. Both teams battled hard but eventually Toronto came out on top. Doug Gilmour’s double overtime game winning goal in game 1 is still one of the best I’ve ever seen.

And NOW things get interesting. At least for one team.

Part two will be delivered next Friday!