Trash Talk Tuesday: Claude Giroux, Peter Laviolette And Steve Ott

372921_326576790701382_2071161426_nThis took place during the Flyers/Rangers 24/7 HBO special. Giroux and Ott are lined up for a faceoff when Ott takes it upon himself to tell everyone that he knows how to use the internet.

After the period is over, he has a fun little altercation with Philadelphia Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette. Lavy’s reaction afterwards is priceless.



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One thought on “Trash Talk Tuesday: Claude Giroux, Peter Laviolette And Steve Ott”

  1. Reblogged this on puckdrop uk and commented:
    This is my favorite moments captured on 24/7. Does anyone else have any other moments they think are worth sharing?

    This clip is pure genius showing Steve Ott, just being himself. Thanks for sharing it genuinely made me laugh at my desk!

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