The Cookie Monster – Matt Cooke

It looks as if Matt Cooke has been heavily reviewing his options for this trade deadline for some time. As it stands there has been very little talk with Pittsburgh, if at all on resigning with the club.

But of course this is all speculative to a degree, as nothing has been made 100% official at this point. Chris Letang being an example where many thought he was on his way out of Pittsburgh, only to be accommodated.

However, this is an entirely different situation all together. Here we have a 34 year old left winger who is now proving he’s more than just capable of concussing other teams star players (yes, I went there!). In all seriousness this year alone and especially over the regular season, Cooke came out of heavy controversy of seasons past and proved many wrong with a hard work ethic and dropped his outlandish moronic behaviour at the door. More importantly he put up some of his best numbers yet.

I’d say It would be very wise for him at this point – to go where the money is and prove he can get the job done else where. This is a simple case where Cookie will probably get the biggest money shot of his career. Regardless of what people say about loyalty and that stuff, as a player you have to think – “Do I go while I’m still hot and have some worth..or hang around here possibly sign some sort 1-2 year deal for less money, my game goes to hell and/or I end up getting traded.”

Love him or hate him, we shall see what happens in the coming days. We all could be wrong but I think the Cookie Monster will be spreading his crumbs somewhere else this coming year.


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