The Cookie Monster – Matt Cooke

It looks as if Matt Cooke has been heavily reviewing his options for this trade deadline for some time. As it stands there has been very little talk with Pittsburgh, if at all on resigning with the club.

But of course this is all speculative to a degree, as nothing has been made 100% official at this point. Chris Letang being an example where many thought he was on his way out of Pittsburgh, only to be accommodated.

However, this is an entirely different situation all together. Here we have a 34 year old left winger who is now proving he’s more than just capable of concussing other teams star players (yes, I went there!). In all seriousness this year alone and especially over the regular season, Cooke came out of heavy controversy of seasons past and proved many wrong with a hard work ethic and dropped his outlandish moronic behaviour at the door. More importantly he put up some of his best numbers yet.

I’d say It would be very wise for him at this point – to go where the money is and prove he can get the job done else where. This is a simple case where Cookie will probably get the biggest money shot of his career. Regardless of what people say about loyalty and that stuff, as a player you have to think – “Do I go while I’m still hot and have some worth..or hang around here possibly sign some sort 1-2 year deal for less money, my game goes to hell and/or I end up getting traded.”

Love him or hate him, we shall see what happens in the coming days. We all could be wrong but I think the Cookie Monster will be spreading his crumbs somewhere else this coming year.


The Current State Of Officiating

I have read a lot of talk on the inter webs this year from fans the league about poor officiating.  Many point out unfair or just flat out stupid penalties being called. I’m not sure if I’m inclined to support that statement entirely..

I do think officiating has slipped in recent seasons. My argument has been more the fact that games are not allowed to flow as they should at times. Every game before a face off, players are kicked out for arbitrary infraction reasons, sometimes two or three guys are thrown out in a row.



I have heard the hockey media say things like ‘Well referees have a way of evening things out..’ I do not like these statements at all. It’s something soccer commentators talk about. Being someone who has watched soccer my whole life, I know how flat out appalling refereeing can be. My hope is that it will never slip to that degree . These guys aren’t machines, mistakes will be made. Apart from a few big games such as Dallas’s Brett Hull 1999 goal, (which was more because of a poor rule than poor officiating), the NHL still fairs as being some of the best in sports. In my opinion anyway.

One can also argue that views on officiating are often where your allegiances lie. Which I can honestly say is true. I mean if referees call an awful penalty on the Penguins for example are Philidelphia fans really going to care? Then again Flyers/Pens games are like a bar brawl down in southwest Philly. So what do you expect?!

I sense myself starting to ramble here so I’m going to cut this short.

In closing, if people have issues with officiating. Easy solution. Bring this man back.


Nuff Said.


Trash Talk Tuesday: “You’re The Best Bellows!”

This one makes me die laughing every time I watch it.

This took place during the 1991 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Kevin Stevens and Bryan Trottier try to intimidate Bryan Bellows of the North Stars.

There are some great one liners in here. Oh, and check out Jagr’s mullet at 0:22.


Pittsburgh Penguins And The Kris Letang Lunacy

So contract talks with the Penguins and Kris Letang are in the works. I imagine all the little teenage Penguins fan girls Tumblr accounts are blowing up about OMGZ for sure, but I digress.

Letang. (Photo" Dan4th. flickr.)
Letang. (Photo” Dan4th. flickr.)

Anyways, away from being beloved by the young ladies and to be fair to him — he is a popular figure in Pittsburgh, from a hockey stand point Letang did not impress this post season and many of Penguins fans have questioned his play with poor turnovers, defensive play and called for him to move on.

Unfortunately due to signing Mr. Malkin and Mr. Crosby to huge deals, this also may play a factor. Letang will be looking for 7 Million + from Pittsburgh and some how I don’t see Shero going for that; it’s arguable that he isn’t worth that much.

I still would disagree that he is by any means done. In fact I still think he would come to great use to any club. To throw this out there may be odd to some, but Letang shows incredible offensive flair and it is by far the strongest of his game. His defensive play is weak and doesn’t hit as a defenceman should.

(Photo: Dan4th. flickr)
(Photo: Dan4th. flickr)

Who says he needs to persue being a D’man? Could he be the guy to break the mold and possibly change position? Can anyone tell me that would end up badly? This is a guy who pulls huge offensive numbers. It’s not like putting Chris Pronger or Bobby Probert at centre.

It’s going to be hard for Letang to impress defensively in Pittsburgh when they seem to not really acknowledge two-way hockey. My point is if he has more support from pairings? Man…..he would still play amazingly well.

As Stan Lee always says……’Nuff said.

–Leo Patten