Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Recap

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a series. In the immortal words of Bob Cole, “Oh Boy!”

Yes Bob. Yes it is.
Yes Bob. Yes it is.

Game 4 showed nothing but excitement right out of the gate.  Chicago split both games in Boston and is heading back to home ice advantage with a huge swing in momentum. A huge key that was missing in game 3, Chicago played the body and didn’t let up all game.

What a goal fest. Boston came back 3 times to tie things up and it seemed like luck was on their side heading into overtime. But in reality, it could’ve went both ways. The Bruins caught Corey Crawford’s weak glove side enough times to look like J.P. Arencibia catching R.A Dickey’s knuckle ball. (What’s with the Jays and abbreviated names anyway? Just noticed that.) On a side note, what does that say for Team Canada in Sochi?

There has been 27 overtime games in this years playoffs alone. That’s one shy of an NHL record. We are at least guarenteed two more games and the way things have been growing, I’m sure it will be broken.

Chicago’s stars finally showed up and started putting pucks into the net. Toews especially who had gone scoreless in 10 games.

In case you missed Seabrook’s game clincher, here it is in all of it’s amazing glory:


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2 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Recap”

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