An exciting three day tournament is being held in the city of Cornwall, Ontario that is sure to showcase the best of Junior A hockey this side of the Manitoba border. The Eastern Canada All Star Challenge is set to take place November 16-18 at the Benson Centre.

Returning to it’s founding league of the CCHL, the Challenge is slated to have numerous NCAA and NHL scouts in attendance to watch the nine teams battle it out. The CCHL will supply two teams, Team Yzerman and Team Robinson with Cornwall Colts bench boss Ian MacInnis headmanning the latter. The Nothern Ontario Hockey League will send one along with the Quebec and Maritime Junior Hockey Leagues.

The Ontario Junior Hockey League based in and around Toronto will send four squads to Cornwall, a total of 80 players with 20 of those committed to Division 1 NCAA schools.

The round robin begins on Monday the 16th with the QJHL taking on OJHL Team Coffey at 6pm. For more info, head on over to

The complete rosters are as follows:


Coughlin Ryan April 19 1997 G L 6-1 188 Cumberland
Andriano Ian August 11 1996 G L 6-0 186 Ottawa
White Cameron March 12 1997 D L 6-2 187 Ottawa
Joseph Marcus May 8 1997 D L 5-8 181 Sacred Heart (17-18) Carleton Place
Lawson Geoffrey May 15 1997 D L 5-11 195 Robert Morris (17-18) Ottawa
Kovacevic Johnathan July 12 1997 D R 6-3 217 Merrimack (17-18) Ottawa
Rappleyea Sean February 3 1995 D R 5-10 177 Ottawa
List Cale August 8 1998 D L 6-2 193 Umass Lowel (17-18) Pembroke
Croteau Louis-Charles May 9 1996 F R 5-8 176 Kanata
Vella Paul March 2 1996 F L 5-9 178 Gloucester
Billings Jack October 4 1995 F R 5-9 182 Brockville
Mereiles Greg January 1 1999 F R 5-9 173 Ottawa
Makara Branden May 22 1997 F R 5-9 174 Cumberland
McCaw Luke May 31 1996 F R 5-11 180 Nepean
Cameron Shawn August 30 1995 F R 5-11 189 Cumberland
Blais Jesse April 27 1995 F R 5-11 189 Pembroke
Pearson Jim Dec 14 1995 F R 5-8 170 Ottawa
St.Pierre Maxime April 26 1996 F R 6-2 222 Carleton Place
Larose Michael Dec 13 1997 F L 6-1 187 Cumberland
Frechette Martin May 4 1997 F L 5-7 155 Vermont (16-17) Cumberland
Martin Dagenais Head Coach Ottawa Jr Senators
Sylvain Favreau Assistant Coach Cumberland Grads
Dan Sauve Assistant Coach Ottawa Jr Senators
Richard Dupuy Trainer Cumberland Grads
Carmelo Pugliese Equipment Manager Nepean Raiders
Sean Marcellus CCHL Staff CCHL


DeBrouwer Evan Jan. 31 1997 G L 6’1 201 Smiths Falls
Point Colton March 7 1998 G L 6’3 220 Colgate (17-18) Carleton Place
Henry Jared March 21 1996 D L 6′ 188 Smiths Falls
MacMillan Chris June 13 1995 D R 6’1 192 Smiths Falls
Craig Ross Nov 1 1996 D R 5’11 186 Colgate (16-17) Cornwall
Grant Owen Jan 22 1998 D R 5’11 181 Vermont (17-18) Carleton Place
Wichers Quinn Aug 19 1997 D L 6’4 215 Kemptville
Russell Cameron Aug 25 1995 D L 5’11 175 Kemptville
Curran Johnny March 14 1995 F R 5’9 175 Western Michigan (16-17) Smiths Falls
Batt Lucas May 4 1996 F L 5’11 194 Carleton Place
Larson Jordan May 13 1995 F L 5’9 191 Alabama-Huntsville (16-17) Carleton Place
Murray Brett July 20 1998 F L 6’5 211 Penn State (17-18) Carleton Place
Cooper Grant July 20 1996 F L 6’0 180 Dartmouth (17-18) Cornwall
Lalonde Nick Jan 30 1998 F R 5’9 168 Cornwall
Spink Tanner Sept 4 1996 F L 5’10 175 Cornwall
Folkes Liam Feb 26 1996 F R 5’8 167 Penn State (16-17) Brockville
Tackett Jason Aug 13 1995 F L 5’11 177 Ferris State (16-17) Kemptville
Tugnutt Matt May 14 1996 F L 5’10 181 Kemptville
Cyr Jonathan May 4 1996 F L 6’1 213 Hawkesbury
Van Horn Bryce May 3 1996 F R 6,0 199 Carleton Place
Ian MacInnis Head Coach Cornwall Colts
Mark Grady Assistant Coach Smiths Falls
Rick Dorval Assistant Coach Hawkesbury Hawks
Sheldon Adams Trainer Nepean Raiders
Sean Marcellus CCHL Staff CCHL


Sommers Tanner May 13 1998 G L 5-10 150 Miramichi Timberwolves
Mann-Dixon Blade April 29/1997 G L 5-7 150 Valley Wild
Bernier Alexandre May 26 1997 D R 5-9 160 Dieppe Commandos
Baggs Riley May 5 1997 D R 6-2 175 Truro Bearcats
Paul Matthew May 7 1997 D R 6-0 173 Amherst Ramblers
Dower Lee April 26 1996 D L 5-11 180 Miramichi Timberwolves
Morgan Matthew October 3 1997 D R 5-9 170 Pictou Weeks Crushers
Poirier Michael August 31 1995 D L 6-1 195 Dieppe Commandos
Banville Eddie July 30 1997 F L 5-9 150 Campbelltpn Tigers
Barron Matt March 25 1999 F R 5-10 170 Yarmouth Mariners
MacLeod Gregor June 7 1998 F L 5-11 160 Campbellton Tigers
Hastings Curtis December 27 1996 F L 5-9 170 County Aces
King Sammy May 11 1998 F L 5-9 165 Woodstock Slammers
Deacon John April 8 1995 F R 6-0 175 Valley Wildcats
Erbs Johnny April 9 1996 F L 5-8 177 Woodstock Slammers
Shatford Josh December 3 1996 F R 5-9 180 South Shore Lumberjacks
Stavert Thomas February 20 1995 F L 5-10 185 Summerside Western Capitals
Young Ricky March 19 1996 F L 5-11 180 County Aces
Bridges Blaize February 7 1995 F R 5-8 175 Summerside Western Capitals
Soper Jimmy May 19 1995 F L 6-1 175 Truro Bearcats
Dave Ritcey President NOJHL
Shawn Evans Coach Truro Bearcats
Nick Greenough Coach Valley Wildcats
Josh Heptich Coach County Aces
Ashley Merrithew Athletic Therapist Dieppe Commandos
Steve Lindsay Equipment Manager Truro Bearcats


Dube-Rochon Sebastien July 13 1995 G 5-11 190
Labrecque Brady February 13 1997 G 6-0 176
Fillion Jonathan August 24 1996 D 5-10 177
Larouche Keven April 19 1996 D 6-0 188
Cote William March 14 1997 D 5-9 190
Amyot Mathieu July 12 1996 D 6-3 220
Marcotte David February 17 1995 D 5-11 180
Michaud Edouard September 22 1997 F 6-0 172
Brennan Joey May 1 1997 F 5-7 160
Ouelett Jonathan February 10 1997 F 5-11 185
Caron Joel May 1 1996 F 5-6 172
Boullion Marc-Antoine Februray 16 1995 F 5-10 170
Auger Jeremy March 28 1996 F 5-8 175
St-Hilaire Deven March 3 1995 F 6-0 180
Bernier Justin September 16 1997 F 5-7 150
Pouliot Antoine June 21 1996 F 6-2 200
Lapierre Tommy November 8 1996 F 5-11 190
Beaulieu Jean-Philippe May 19 1996 F 6-1 190
Plante Maxime August 15 1996 F 6-1 175
Boucher Felix November 23 1995 D 6-3 200
Pierre Petroni Head Coach
Jean-Philippe Hamel Assistant Coach
Gianni Cantini Assistant Coach
Stephan Blanchet Assistant Coach
Denis De Lafontaine Trainer


Forrest Garrett 07/07/1997 G L 5’11” 170 Powassan Voodoos
Lauzon Jamey 01/10/1997 F L 5’11” 175 Kirkland Lake Gold Miners
Arseneau Marc-Antoine 09/11/1995 F R 5’11” 170 Kirkland Lake Gold Miners
Pilon Darian 10/02/1998 F R 5’10” 170 Soo Thunderbirds
Jeffries Brett 10/06/1995 F R 5’11” 175 Soo Thunderbirds
Maguire Seamus 12/31/1995 F R 6’1″ 190 Cochrane Crunch
Mooney Ryan 05/05/1998 D R 5’10” 180 Rayside-Balfour Canadians
Chenier Bradley 01/20/1999 F R 5’10” 175 Rayside-Balfour Canadians
Bellini Jaren 05/22/1996 F R 5’9″ 180 Soo Thunderbirds
Desgagnes Adam 03/09/1997 D L 6’0″ 180 Kirkland Lake Gold Miners
Nagy Eric 10/28/1997 D R 6’0″ 190 Powassan Voodoos
Harland Steve 05/10/1996 F R 5’10” 170 Powassan Voodoos
Campbell Nathan 04/27/1995 D L 6’0″ 160 Elliot Lake Wildcats
Boman Caleb 11/04/1997 D L 6’0″ 205 Soo Thunderbirds
Salerno Aiden 11/02/1995 D R 6’3″ 210 Soo Thunderbirds
Atchison Hunter 11/06/1996 F R 6’2″ 210 Cochrane Crunch
Peters Tyler 04/21/1996 F R 6’1″ 212 Powassan Voodoos
MacKenzie Alec 04/16/1996 F L 6’4″ 190 Elliot Lake Wildcats
MacLean Spencer 03/26/1996 F L 6’5″ 225 Elliot Lake Wildcats
Mackay Aaron 10/10/1997 G L 6’0″ 190 Elliot Lake Wildcats
Mike Mooney Director of Operations Rayside-Balfour Canadians
Kevin Cain Ass’t Dir. of Operations Soo Thunderbirds
Nathan Hewitt Head Coach Elliot Lake Wildcats
Scott Wray Assistant Coach Powassan Voodoos
Jason Young Assistant Coach Rayside-Balfour Canadians
Lisa Parise Athletic Trainer Rayside-Balfour Canadians
Carla Vine Athletic Trainer Kirkland Lake Gold Miners
Bryan Workman Equipment Manager Rayside-Balfour Canadians
Marc Hebert Equipment Manager Soo Thunderbirds
Robert Mazzuca Commissioner NOJHL


MASTERS Andrew G 25/May/95 6’1″ 210 L Georgetown
LATINOVICH Nick G 4/Mar/97 6’2″ 185 L Orangeville
CURRIE Tyler D 11-Feb-95 5’11” 173 R Toronto Patriots
FALCAO Jake D 3-Feb-97 6’1″ 180 R Wellington
PANETTA Jacob D 16-Jan-96 5’11” 195 L Wellington Colgate (NCAA)
PAUL Willy D 22/Jun/96 6’1″ 195 L Burlington
FERRARO Mario D 17/Sep/98 5’10” 160 L Toronto Patriots Western Michigan (NCAA)
DICLEMENTE Kristopher D 19/Jan/98 6’3″ 195 L Lindsay
CORIC Nikolas F 19/Jan/96 5’10” 175 L Whitby
HUDGIN Jon F 10/Feb/96 5’10” 180 R Pickering
HARDIE Daniel F 11/Jun/98 5’10” 170 L Georgetown
DICKINSON Josh F 17/Nov/97 6’2″ 185 L Georgetown
KEENAN Luke F 22/Jul/98 6′ 185 L Whitby
SEKELYK Chris F 6-Aug-96 6’1″ 200 L Pickering
BERETTA Thomas F 8/Apr/95 6’1″ 192 R St. Michael’s Michigan Tech (NCAA)
FARGEY Hunter F 23/Feb/95 5’11” 185 R Trenton
HANLON Danny F 3/Jan/95 5’10” 177 L Trenton
MORGAN Liam F 27/Jun/98 5’10” 215 R Trenton
JORDAN Noah F 8/Mar/97 6’5″ 219 R St. Michael’s
LATTAVO Thomas F 5/Apr/96 6’2″ 210 R Mississauga


Co-Coach:  Joe Washkurak (Mississauga Chargers)
Co-Coach: Brendan Taylor (Oakville Blades)
Athletic Therapist: Sarah Ditmars (Trenton Golden Hawks)
Equipment Manager: Derek Ho (Mississauga Chargers)



COLITTO Nathan G 29-Jun-95 5’11” 170 L Markham
DURANTE Stefano G 4/Jun/96 5’11” 158 L Cobourg
DUNLOP Matthew D 31/Mar/95 5’10” 165 R Markham
BERNARD Matthew D 6/May/97 6’1″ 188 R Aurora Niagara (NCAA)
SMITH Adam D 6/Nov/96 6’2″ 200 L Newmarket Bowling Green (NCAA)
PIZZO Andrew D 8/Aug/96 6’2″ 177 L Buffalo
KUDLA Patrick D 2/Apr/96 6’3″ 185 L Oakville
LOCKE Kyle D 9/May/96 6’2″ 220 R Aurora
VALKO Brendan F 23/Jul/96 5’10” 165 R Markham
RAJIC Christian F 2/Jun/97 5’8″ 155 R Oakville
BOARD Drake F 8/Jan/96 5’7″ 150 L Aurora Niagara (NCAA)
MANTENUTO Daniel F 18/Oct/97 5’10” 165 L Aurora Robert Morris (NCAA)
RINALDI Anthony F 17/Aug/95 6′ 180 R Kingston
TONGE Colin F 10/Feb/98 5’10” 180 L Kingston Princeton (NCAA)
SPIVAK Aaron F 13/Jan/95 6′ 185 L Markham
WISEMAN Ethan F 14/Sep/97 6’1″ 190 R Orangeville
GARVEY Ryan F 27/Jun/96 6′ 190 L Oakville
STACK Connor F 7/Jul/95 6′ 180 L Orangeville
WORRAD Drew F 30/Jun/97 6′ 175 R Oakville Clarkson (NCAA)
RIGNEY Colin F 16/Aug/96 6′ 180 L Orangeville


Co-Coach: Dan West (Lindsay Muskies)
Co-Coach: Brent Hughes (North York Rangers)
Athletic Therapist: Julie Chiu (Aurora Tigers)
Equipment Manager: Harvey Boutilier (Toronto Patriots)            


URBANI Daniel G 21/Jun/95 6′ 200 L Trenton
McGRATH Jacob G 11/Aug/99 6′ 152 L St. Michael’s Sudbury (OHL)
OLIVER Blayne D 17/Mar/95 5’11” 185 L Trenton
ROY Brennan D 1/Nov/96 6′ 192 L Cobourg
O’HARA Jon D 2/Apr/95 6′ 185 R Whitby Mercyhurst (NCAA)
THOM Matthew D 18/May/98 6’3″ 200 R Georgetown Princeton (NCAA)
DUNN Sam D 11/Mar/98 6’2″ 218 R Cobourg
CAIRNS Matthew D 27/Apr/98 6’3″ 203 L Georgetown Cornell (NCAA)
SMILSKY Lucas F 26/May/97 5’7″ 160 R Orangeville
MAIOLINO Justin F 1/Feb/95 5’7″ 165 R Toronto Jr. Canadiens Niagara (NCAA)
URSITTI Nicholas F 1/Feb/96 5’8″ 170 R Toronto Patriots
BERGER Christopher F 14/Apr/98 5’10” 171 L Buffalo Brown (NCAA)
EVANCHO Zach F 2/Jun/95 5’8″ 160 L Buffalo Army (NCAA)
NICKSIC Tim F 15/Mar/96 5’10” 175 R Buffalo
LOCKE Brenden F 9/Oct/97 5’10” 176 L Cobourg
KIRTON Scott F 24/Aug/96 6’1″ 175 L Whitby
McLAUGHLIN James F 13/Apr/96 6′ 200 L Orangeville Dartmouth (NCAA)
TAYLOR Ryan F 27-Jan-96 6′ 180 R Whitby
BROWN Lucas F 25/Sep/96 5’10” 190 R Trenton
LEWIS Theo F 2/Jul/96 6’3″ 205 R Cobourg


Co-Coach: Mark Jooris (Burlington Cougars)
Co-Coach: Kirby Tokarski (Burlington Cougars)
Athletic Therapist: TBD
Equipment Manager: Craig Clayton (Oakville Blades)    


BAGGETTA Gianluca G 31-Dec-95 5’10” 170 L North York
LOPAPA Daniel G 2/May/96 5’10” 175 R Toronto Jr. Canadiens
DeSOUSA Daniel D 14/Mar/96 5’11” 180 R Mississauga
TOPATIGH Derek D 3/Mar/97 5’11” 185 R Orangeville Princeton (NCAA)
COFFEY Blake D 27-Jan-98 5’11” 180 R Pickering
SZABO Jeremy D 7/Apr/95 5’11” 200 L North York
BRAND Justin D 12/Jan/96 6’2″ 185 L Whitby
O’GRADY Ryan D 27/May/95 6′ 205 L Cobourg
MORGAN Michael F 27/May/95 5’9″ 165 R North York
TEOFILO Joseph F 26/May/97 5’9″ 160 R Milton
SOKAY Ben F 24-Jan-97 6′ 175 R Wellington Niagara (NCAA)
GOMES Nathan F 23/Sep/96 5’10” 185 L Burlington
JEFFERS Jack F 21/Sep/97 5’11” 175 L Burlington
THOMSON David F 8/Oct/97 5’10” 180 L Burlington
VOLPE Dan F 19/Mar/95 5’11” 190 L Burlington
CAMPOLI Nick F 16-Feb-99 5’11” 174 L North York
TAKAMATSU Ryan F 23/May/97 6′ 170 R North York
BALES Jackson F 28/Aug/97 6’1″ 180 R Oakville Merrimack (NCAA)
KOSACK Josh F 25/Jun/97 6′ 185 R Oakville
BROWN Luc F 27-Apr-96 6′ 175 R Wellington Union (NCAA)  


Co-Coach: Jamie Caruso (Orangeville Flyers)
Co-Coach: Mario Cicchillo (Toronto Jr. Canadiens)
Athletic Therapist: Amanda Gilroy (Markham Royals)
Equipment Manager: Andrew Groombridge (Georgetown Raiders)                                                                                        


One on One with Pembroke Lumber King, Adam Dauda

10393316466_f6860938ae_zFresh off his commitment announcement to Colgate University, Adam Dauda took the time to speak to me about his hockey prowess. Born in Slovakia, the aptly nicknamed “Slovakian Stallion” has been recently acquired by the Pembroke Lumber Kings this season after a couple of years suiting up for the Cambridge Winterhawks of the GOJHL. The 19 year old powerhouse is expected to light up the lamp for the Lumber Kings in a promising way this season.

March Hockey: You were a huge force with Cambridge last year. What do you think you can bring to the Pembroke Lumber Kings this season

Adam Dauda:  I think by playing in big key moments last year; whether it was to shut down an opponents top line or try to get the game tying or winning goal has helped me a tremendous amount to stay calm but at the same time be excited for big moments like that, Hopefully my experience with it there will come in handy.

MH: You’ve played a season of junior in Slovakia. Is there any differences to the junior scene over there as compared to here? Do you have a favourite moment that stands out from playing overseas?

AD: There are some very big differences between the junior hockey here and in Slovakia.  All the games over there are played on Olympic sized rinks which means a lot more skating. For me, that usually isn’t the greatest but it gives everyone a little bit more time with the puck to make smarter decisions. The players over there are a lot more skilled and a lot softer.  There wasn’t too much hitting in the games also due to the big ice and the players didn’t seem nearly as strong as the ones here. However, the guys over there definitely taught me how to be a more skilled player.

MH: How would you describe your style of play? Is there any player you look up too?

AD: I really look up to Marian Hossa and his style of play.  Even though he’s a winger and I’m center I try to play like him; strong on the puck, skilled, good vision, and still back checks like no other.  Also, the fact that he’s Slovak too makes me a bit bias.

MH: What’s your game time routine like?

1390684_567066040014895_118771184_nAD:  My game time routine has changed a lot over the years but for the past two seasons it’s stayed pretty much the same.  I have to listen to The Language by Drake and then a few other songs before every game.  They don’t necessarily fire me up it’s a ritual now that I have to do.  My warm up clothes have consisted of my jock and flip flops and some pre game sewer ball victories have to be mixed in there too.

MH: Where would like your hockey career to take you?

AD: I would love to go to a good Division 1 school in the states and then hopefully play in the NHL one day.  Playing pro over in Europe would be a bit of a dream come true as well.

MH: If you could play against any player, who would it be and why?

AD: If I could play against anyone I would probably pick Alex Ovechkin just because he is one of the best to ever play hockey.

The Latvians never say die: 2014 Memorial Cup Champions, Edgars Kulda and the Edmonton Oil Kings

Living in Eastern Ontario has its perks especially when it comes to hockey. I get the best of both worlds with complete Ontario Hockey League and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League coverage almost 24/7. Same with the NHL, most games I watch are from teams on the east coast. Naturally, I’ve developed a bit of an east coast bias if you will.

(Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

The beauty of tournaments like the Memorial Cup, Subway Supers Series and even the Stanley Cup Playoffs allow me, well, more like force me to pay attention and watch west coast teams. It’s fantastic because it’s like watching hockey and following teams for the first time all over again.

Case in point: Edmonton Oil Kings.

I’m not up to snuff on my Western Hockey League prowess as I’d like to be. I have an OHL bias as most Ontarians do but I’m not ignorant to the fact that there are some mighty powerful teams on the other side of the country.

The Oil Kings fit that bill. What they pulled off in the 2014 Mastercard Memorial Cup was nothing less of extrodinary. They faced and conquered elimination twice on their journey and with elite level goaltending pulled off a championship upset over my OHL’s Guelph Storm. Long story short, on paper, they weren’t supposed to get this far.

The MVP of the tournament however came as another shock. Edgars Kulda, an undrafted Latvian out of the capital city of Riga, proved that one should keep a watchful eye on this emerging hockey country. He notched an impressive four goals and totaled seven points. Three came at the hands of the Guelph Storm in the championship game.

kulda_edgars_edmonton_oil_kings_2012-13_oilkings_ca_11Maybe it was the memory of his fellow countryman and Oil King team mate, Kristians Pelss, who drowned last summer that encouraged his impressive game. Whatever the case Kulda has made his mold this year and maybe, just maybe, an NHL team will take notice and select him this year in Philadelphia.

It seems like 2014 has been the year of Latvia. From Kristers Gudlevskis becoming the first goaltender to suit up for an ECHL, AHL, NHL and Olympic game in one season, from the Ted Nolan coached Team Latvia that narrowly conquered the might team Canada at the Sochi Olympics to the emerging presence in the junior ranks of Edgars Kulda, the hockey world shouldn’t be shocked no longer.

Latvia knows its hockey and they’re only going to get stronger.

Kavan’s Crease: 2014 NHL Entry Draft Overlook: Picks 11-20

Welcome back! Last time we looked at prospects 21-30 for next year’s NHL Entry Draft. Just as a recap, those picks were:

21. Nikolaj Ehlers
22. Shane Gersich
23. Nick Ritchie
24. Jack Ramsey
25. Kyle Jenkins
26. Sonny Milano
27. Josh Ho Sang
28. Jakub Vrana
29. Pierre Engvall
30. Spencer Watson

This time we’ll be taking a look at picks 11-20, starting at 20 and working down.

20. Jared McCann, C, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
6’0″, 174 lbs
Shoots: L


2012-13 stats:
64 GP, 21G, 23A, 44 pts, -6, 35 PIM

McCann is a big centreman who protects the puck well, has a good shot and great vision. Extra muscle will be expected, but that will come with time.

19. Ryan Falkenham, RW, Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL)
5’10”, 172 lbs
Shoots: R

2012-13 stats:
45 GP, 10G, 11A, 21 pts, +17, 14 PIM

Ryan Falkenham is a shorter, stocky forward who doesn’t have a problem heading to the dirty areas in front of the net and plays with a style similar to Brendan Gallagher of the Montreal Canadiens. Playing alongside Nathan MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin didn’t hurt his development, but it will be interesting to see how he plays without them this season.

18. Haydon Fleury, D, Red Deer (WHL)
6’3″, 203 lbs
Shoots: L

2012-13 stats:

66 GP, 4G, 19A, 21 pts, +4, 21 PIM

Fleury is a big bodied, hard-nosed blueliner with an offensive upside. He is a plus player on a minus team, has a howitzer of a shot and is disciplined in his own end. His agility may come into question, but defensemen take longer to develop and his skating should come around.

17. Daniel Muzito-Bagenda, LW, Modo J18 (Sweden)
6’1″, 198 lbs
Shoots: L

2012-13 stats:
20 GP, 16G, 16A, 32 pts, +30, 32 PIM

tVjO9p8I7REy6lnJc1QXA hulking winger, Muzito-Bagenda is a big sniper who has no trouble finding the back of the net. Another Swede who plays a great defensive game, but will have to work on discipline, since almost a penalty per game average won’t be acceptable at the NHL level.

16. Tyson Baillie, C, Kelowna Rockets, (WHL)
5’11”, 190 lbs
Shoots: R

2012-13 stats:
67 GP, 26G, 30A, 56 pts, +36, 53 PIM

One of, if not the smallest player in the draft, Baillie lets his on-ice play do the talking for him. A Martin St. Louis-type forward, he is a passer first, but can still find the twine pretty often. Size will be a concern for sure, but if his point production stays consistent and he can put on some pounds, there will be a team that will feel lucky that this guy was still available.

15. Alex Nedeljkovic, G, Plymouth Whalers (OHL)
5’11”, 190 lbs
Catches: L

2012-13 stats:
26 GP, 19-2-2, 2.28 GAA, .923 SV%, 2 SO

Nedeljkovic straight up4248

Nedeljkovic is the first and only goalie in the top 30, and he is here for a reason, backstopping his team to the conference finals before bowing out to eventual champions, the London Knights. Nedeljkovic’s Whalers led the OHL in goal differential, scoring 90 more times than they let in. He is not the tallest goalie, but is a big boy at 190 lbs. and has good movement in spite of that. Only 5 goalies had a better save percentage, 3 of whom have already been drafted by NHL teams (Malcon Subban, Boston; Jordan Binnington, St. Louis; John Gibson, Anaheim) and only 3 goalies had a better goals against average (Subban, Binnington and Kitchener’s Franky Palazzese). If Nedeljkovic can improve his puck handling and rebound control, he should be a solid starter one day.

14. Michael Dal Colle, C, Oshawa Generals (OHL)
6’2″, 170 lbs
Shoots: L

2012-13 stats:
63 GP, 15G, 33A, 48 pts, +19, 18 PIM

Michale Dal Colle is your typical big, power forward centreman. He can shoot, pass, hit and skate and plays just as well on the other side of the puck. He still needs to put on some weight, but once he fills out, he should turn out to be a number 1 or 2 centreman, depending on the team that drafts him.

13. Joni Tuulola, D, HPK U-18 (Finland)
6’1″, 165 lbs
Shoots: L

2012-13 stats:
41 GP, 10G, 21A, 31 pts, 26 PIM

Tuulola is a big offensive defenseman who has a hard shot and a good first pass out of his own zone. He can move opposing forwards away from his goaltender and takes few penalties. As many others, he will have to gain some weight before hitting his full potential, but should round out a top 4 nicely.

12. Chase De Leo, C, Portland Winterhawks (WHL)
5’7″, 130 lbs

2012-13 stats:
71 GP, 18g, 38A, 56 pts, +28, 24 PIM


Chase De Leo is currently the smallest player who is draft eligible. At 5’7″, he will need to gain at least 30 pounds before he can safely play in the NHL. If he does, however, this kid will be dangerous. He uses his small size and speed to squeeze through defenders, essentially blazing a trail through other players. He has soft hands and good vision and should be a solid top 6 forward one day.

11. Leon Draisaitl, C/LW, Prince Albert Raiders (WHL)
6’2″, 198 lbs
Shoots: L

2012-13 stats:
64 GP, 21G, 37A, 58 pts, +22, 22 PIM

Draisaitl is another player in the growing trend of big power forwards at next year’s draft. The 6’2″, 198 lb versatile forward is the whole package. Soft hands, wicked shot, sees the ice well and plays well in his own zone. Needs to work on his speed a little but still an effective top 6 guy nonetheless.

That’s a wrap on picks 11-20. I feel some players in this third of the first round may climb a bit by the time the draft rolls around, but the surprise is part of the fun! Check back soon for picks 1-10; the good stuff!

As always, thanks for reading and, Cheers!

Canadian Hockey League To Ban All Imports?

I was reading an article on a Yahoo hockey blog about the possibility of the Canadian Hockey League banning European imports and it got me thinking.

200px-Canadian_Hockey_League_Logo.svgThe man of question in this article is Alexei Dementiev; a former Nashville Predators scout turned hockey agent. According to him and things that he’s heard is that the CHL is moving to ban all import players from playing in the league. The earlier ruling of the banning of import goaltenders is just the start.

I am Canadian. I understand how important hockey is to this country. I also understand the scrutiny our players are under when they compete. Be it junior hockey, national level or international level, everyone is under the eye of the nation. What I don’t understand is if the CHL thinks that our hockey playing abilities are not up to par, goaltending or otherwise, how is it the fault of import players?

CHL_Jerseys_AB76656_6302055The only way you get better is to play against better players. It’s as simple as that and that goes for any sport.  You want our goaltending to be amazing at an international level at the World Juniors? Easy. Have goaltenders face players with impeccable and hard to stop shots. European, Russian, Canadian, South African, doesn’t matter! If they can play the game at a superior level, it’s only going to help your development.

European and Russian players come to the CHL because of the talent in the league. So what if they go back to their home countries when their junior career is over. The next generation is just waiting behind them for their chance. It helps everyone develop and take that next step in their hockey careers.

I really hope this is not the case with the Canadian Hockey League. I’ll be really dissapointed if it is.