Cornwall Colts take home opener with 2-1 win over Hawkesbury Hawks

Photo: MarchHockey

On a special night in front of a hometown crowd of 829, the Cornwall Colts put all the drama between them and the LNAH’s Cornwall River Kings in the back of their minds and played an exciting game of hockey to open the 2013/2014 season.

Commissioner Kevin Abrams started off the pre game speeches congratulating the Colts on their hard fought win of the Bogart Cup last spring. The championship banner was raised to the rafters of the Ed Lumley Arena in honour of their efforts. From there, it was time to usher in the home opener.

The first brought a solid period of hockey with both teams playing evenly. Cornwall’s Grant Cooper had two brilliant scoring chances early on but was stopped by the glove of Hawkesbury’s Guillaum Therien. Although the teams seemed to match one another, the Hawks were pulling away with better opportunities both offensively and defensively.

Hawkesbury’s Trent Durocher used his size to his advantage to keep the Colts away from the net. Nicholas Vlahos capitalized on the opportunity and put one past Cornwall netminder James Edwardson. The Hawks went into the third with not only the lead but a commanding presence on the ice. At the same time they also went into the third with a 4 minute major.

The Colts sensing the need to rally did just that as Jay D’Amour got on the powerplay and tapped in a rebound from a Matthew Cruickshank shot. Marley Quince added another powerplay goal not even a minute later. Cornwall killed off a 5 on 3 near the end of the period. Cornwall’s goaltender Edwardson played solid until the very last second.


1. Marley Quince (COR)
2. Grant Cooper (COR)
3. Nicholas Vlahos (HWK)


1. Marley Quince (COR)

Obviously a no-brainer. Quince’s hockey sense and presence on the ice has him at number one. His ability to read a pass and where the play is going next keeps him as one of Cornwall’s top stars.

2. Trent Durocher (HWK)

Although he didn’t contribute on the scoresheet, Durocher’s ability to keep Cornwall out of Hawkesbury’s end is something that should be commended. Of course, his 6’4 frame doesn’t hurt in the regard either. Keeping my eye on him throughout the season.

3. James Edwardson (COR)

Goaltenders often get the short end of the stick (no pun intended) but Edwardson stepped up to the plate tonight and bailed out the Colts on many occasions. Great first game between the pipes.


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