John Wensink, Gerry Cheevers, Terry O’Reilly, Brad Park and others to be in Cornwall for Children’s Treatment Center roast

johnwensinkA few former NHLers will be invading the Best Western in Cornwall, Ontario for a dinner and roast to help support the Children’s Treatment Centre.

The annual dinner and roast benefits the Children’s Treatment Centre in the form of donations and past guests of honor have ranged from prominent Canadian figures to members of parliament. This year will also feature an auction of various hockey items, some donated from Wensink himself.

Of course most of these guys need no introduction. Wensink who is from the Cornwall area, grew up in Maxville, Ontario and spent his junior years with the Cornwall Royals before making the big jump to the show. He also one of the toughest players of his time.

John Wensink, Gerry Cheevers, Terry O’Reilly and Brad Park all took their turns playing with the big bad Boston Bruins of the 1970’s. There will be plenty of reminiscing on hand as this year’s roast will turn to the topic of hockey. Kelly Chase, Rick Middleton and Bob Player are all also slated to attend. Each will be giving a 15 minute speech.

The Children’s Treatment Centre roast will take place next Friday, September 13th.


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