Land Down Under! The Australian Ice Hockey League

My Q&A with New Zealand goaltender Justin Findlay earlier in the week got me interested in researching a couple of leagues that are south of the equator. This is the first of our look at the two biggest leagues.

Australian_Ice_Hockey_League_LogoThe Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) is a semi professional league and a member of the IIHF. The AIHL is played a little different in that their periods are 15 minutes long rather then the usual 20. Formed in 2000, it hosts 9 teams all across the country.

The regular season start around April and finished up in the beginning of September to get ready for the playoffs. Players then play for the Goodall Cup Championship.

The AIHL has attracted NHL stars such as Steve McKenna and Rob Zamuner. Personally I’ve taken a liking to the Melbourne Ice. I’ve been following the season this year even though the games are in the middle of the night on my side of the world. It’s great hockey and should do any hockey fan proud.

Check out some highlights from least year’s final:


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