Goalie Mask Sunday: Antti Niemi’s New 2013 Lid


What a true work of art this mask is.

The San Jose Sharks netminder has detailed the great Finnish Winter War of World War 2. The Winter War was a battle between the Finnish forces and Stalin’s Red Army. The Finns were outnumbered by three times the amount of their own forces.

8614655764_73c29aea57As a tribute to his native land for their valiant and noble effort, Antti Niemi called upon the services of Swedish mask designer Dave Gunarsson who has also handcrafted masks for Ben Bishop and Henrik Lundqvist.


Finnish Chief Commander Gustaf Mannerheim can be seen on one side while the map of Finland can be viewed on the top. Soldiers fighting through the cold and snow along with the Winter War Campaign Medal wrap up the remaining side.


I hope the Finnish people beam with remarkable price at the sight of this mask. A true historical work of art, it keeps the memory alive of those who sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom.


Author: MarchHockey

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