Wild Card Wednesday: 1990’s Kraft Dinner Hockey Cards

Welcome to the first installment of Wild Card Wednesday! The post where we bring you some of the fascinating and most ridiculous hockey cards of all time.

Ahhhhh Kraft Dinner. A Canadian staple for kids and college folk. Nothing beats some chopped up hot dogs in a nice bowl of KD made with a Kraft cheese slice…..ok I’m getting off topic. Kraft Dinner had a HUGE promotion in the 1990’s of hockey cards that they would tack onto their boxes. It was a genius marketing ploy to get kids into the game of hockey. Most of them were half decent looking and then some where along the line they began to slack off and made the whole back of the box one big huge card. And they were mostly goalies for some reason.

2034740907_b5cf7ddac1Ok. Where to start on this one. Whoever designed this card either had a firm hatred of the Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Darren Puppa or simply was just a really immature college student. Either way, why on earth would you freestyle hand write the word “Poops” onto the card. Yes I know it was Puppa’s nickname but come on, save the guy a little bit of embarrassment will ya. I actually remember owning this on and taking it to school and laughing at it. Luckily I’ve grown up since then. I think.


31237eRemember Donny Beaupre? Yeah that’s bringing you back now isn’t it. Beaupre spent most of his time in Minnesota and Washington and actually recorded the Ottawa Senators first shutout. There’s actually not much wrong with this one considering it was the 90’s except Bopes? I don’t even think that was his nickname. Someone’s getting lazy here.



mEWtKMjY6edu7f9NJXiQwwQAh Monsieur Roy! C’est bon ca! Well kinda. The red on purple was really a hit I see. Makes the blue a little tingy but hey, what can you do with 1990’s graphics. The “Casseau” you see at the bottom is actually Roy’s nickname. It comes from the fact that he had a diet of french fries and the box it came in is Casseau in French. Now…..I don’t know about you but I dont think that’s something I’d like to be proud of and shared across the country. But hey, at least he looks good!



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