Goalie Mask Sunday: Ondrej Pavelec And His Salute To The RCAF


This week we take a look at Winnipeg Jets netminder Ondrej Pavelec and his 2013 lid. Whether or not this actually is indeed a tribute to the Royal Canadian Air Force; I have no idea, but I’m going to look at it that way.

8444507761_b2b34ae999In keeping with a slight WW2 theme that we had last week with Antti Niemi’s mask, this one shows the old WW2 fighter jet that was so commonly seen. The fighter jets were painted on their fronts to instill terror among the opposing soldiers/civillians.

Painted one again by David Gunnarsson of Sweden, you can see how he took his time to make sure all the details were just right including a giant maple leaf on top of the head. Either way, the veterans of the RCAF can look at this mask and salue it with pride.

I hope Pavelec continues wearing this mask for next season, it sure is a beauty.


WInnipeg Jets’ Tobias Enstrom Attacked And Robbed

enstrom-620-thumb-620xauto-168701It was supposed to a nice summer and offseason for Tobias Enstrom in his hometown of Ornskjoldsvik, Sweden. Last night however, somebody had other plans.

According to Reuters, Enstrom was taking out money from an ATM machine when he was assaulted and left laying on the ground. Enstrom needed medical attention and Swedish police were quick to apprehend 3 suspects.

Enstrom will return to Winnipeg next season to play for the Jets.