Wild Card Wednesday: Eric Lindros

lindros-cardOn the heels of not being selected into this year’s Hall Of Fame class, I figured this would be the perfect chance to post this card.

Upper Deck must have had it out for Lindros. I don’t know how anyone thought it would be flattering to feature a player who has a known history of concussions, falling down towards the ice. Hell it looks like he just got clocked by Scott Stevens. As much as I love the Big E, this card is just down right classless. Not his fault I know and I guess I should take up my complaint with Upper Deck but….it’s not 1998 anymore.

In case anyone has forgotten about the hit I referred to, here it is:

Keep your head up kids.


Wild Card Wednesday: Upper Deck Be A Player Series

Remember in the 1990’s when the NHL and NHLPA ran it’s “Be A Player” promotion? I literally got sick of seeing it everywhere but I digress.

Anyway, Upper Deck decided to get in on the action and boy did they deliver some beauts. For whatever reason, the whole line decided to depict each hockey player off the ice. Not in uniform, not on skates, but off the ice. And they made everyone look so…..dashing?

2171154536_5ba19e91aeOh Stevie Y. More like OH STEVIE WHY?! This looks like it belongs somewhere in a Chippendales calender of something. Granted I am a woman and yes, Mr. Yzerman is pretty attractive in this card but hockey cards are called hockey cards for a reason. Not “I’m going to do my best Billy Ray Cyrus impression while promoting our beloved Players Association.” This just screams 1990’s though. So I’m giving it points for that. Ha.




Ohhhh Dougie. Typical Toronto Maple Leaf player holding a bag of golf clubs. How fitting. You can tell Joey from Friends was all the rage with the hair. The hair plus the clothes and 1990’s amateur graphics sure do speak to me. Are we sure this series wasn’t directed towards women? Cause it’s starting to sure seem like it.






Nnnnnnnnnnnope. Sorry Wendel but this is a failing grade. Is he sitting on a school desk while holding weights? Wendel Clark doesn’t need weights. He’s a man’s man. What a killer stache he’s got going on though. Guess he didn’t get the memo that it’s the 1990’s and it’s to do away with it. Oh well, who am I argue. The man could produce on the ice.