Kingston Frontenac Spencer Watson Impressive at U18 Camp

The past week Hockey Canada was holding a selection camp to form a team to head to Breclav, Czech Republic and Piestany, Slovakia to compete in the U18 2013 Ivan Hlinka tournament. A total of 3 Kingston Frontenac players made the selection camp and were proving themselves successful.


Saturday night they played a Red versus White exhibition game at the MasterCard Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Showcasing some of the best talent the Canadian Hockey League has to offer, it was Kingston’s Spencer Watson who blew up with two goals in a 4 goal third period to put the White on top over the Red 7-4.

Watson is one a select few the scouts are keeping an eye on in this upcoming draft year. His on ice hockey sense and eye for the puck is something of astonishment. This upcoming season will be his second one in the OHL. He’s already seen international action as well having played in the U17 World Championships. In 5 games there, he put up 7 points, 5 goals and 2 assists. Standing at 5’10, Watson has more time to fill out and become more dominant with age. His twin brother Matthew, also suited up for the Frontenacs, playing in 8 games last year.

Kingston’s Roland McKeown also put up a goal in the win and Sam Bennett stayed off the score sheet. Watson and McKeown should be no brainers to apart of this U18 squad. With Bennett it will be a close call but no reason to feel like he shouldn’t be a part of them.

The Kingston Frontenacs are going to show up to play this OHL season. The rest of the league better be ready for them.

Undrafted Soo Greyhound Sergey Tolchinsky could still make NHL

Soo Greyhounds Sergey Tochinsky did not get to hear his name get called in June at the National Hockey League Entry Draft. Despite being rated at number 56 by some scouting specialists, Tochinsky sat in wait. He did not let that get the better of him though.

89169545daf8a4ea93473f64de85cde4Instead of moping around about not getting called, Tolchinsky made an impressive mark at the New York Rangers prospect development camp. Signing to a tryout agreement with both the Rangers and the Carolina Hurricanes, Tolchinsky was making head’s shake with both teams wondering why he was left unchosen. Although the likes of both teams offering out a 3 year entry level contract seem slim, he’s still making his mark.

Tolchinsky would only be able to be signed to the clubs that signed him to the tryout contracts. Out of both New York and Carolina, Carolina would seem a better fit as they are forming into a somewhat of a young team. If I were Jim Rutherford though, I wouldn’t extend an offer and here’s why.

Tolchinsky only has one year of OHL play under his belt. At only 5’8’ and 160 pounds, he’s still going to fill out. Another year with the Greyhounds would help him out tremendously and only increase his draft ranking for next year. In 62 games last year he amassed 51 points and he won’t defect to Russia which seems to be the ordeal of the day. He’s been training in North America since he was 12 so he’s going to stick around for a while. Give him that extra year to mold into something spectacular. He might give Sam Reinhart, Aaron Ekblad and Connor McDavid a run for their money. Who knows?

The Soo Greyhounds start the 2013-2014 season off on Friday, September, 20th as they head to Sudbury to take on the Wolves.

Kingston Frontenacs Sign Forward Connor McGlynn

Big news from the Limestone City. The Kingston Frontenacs announced Tuesday afternoon that they have signed 18 year old Connor McGlynn. McGlynn was originally selected in the 6th round of the 2011 priority draft by the Frontenacs but had committed to the NCAA with Boston College.

The Oakville, Ontario native started his hockey career with the Junior A Oakville Blades posting 20 points in 43 games. From there he laced up for the Sioux City Musketeers for two seasons. Last year he put up 10 points in 48 games.

General Manager Doug Gilmour had this to say about his new forward: “During the season of his OHL draft year, Connor was a prolific goal scorer with the Oakville Rangers Minor Midgets. We feel Connor’s size, compete level, and ability to score goals will compliment what should be a very exciting team.”

The 6’2” McGlynn has had plenty of experience in his career as he has attended numerous USA Hockey development camps. At one time he had thoughts of playing out west but has since changed his mind.

The Kingston Frontenacs will start their 2013-2014 campaign on the road as the face the Peterborough Petes on Thursday, September 19th. From there it’s a three game home stand as the fans fill up the K-Rock Centre to see the invasion from the newly moved North Bay Battalion, Niagara Ice Dogs and Plymouth Whalers. That takes them through to October.

After signing a Ontatio Hockey League Standard Agreement, McGlynn will head to the Kingston Frontenacs training camp which opens up on August 29th.

Jersday: North Bay Battalion


Once known as the Battalion from Brampton, the troop relocates this season to their new barracks in North Bay. I absolutely am in love with this logo and jersey. Mainly because I have a stupid obsession with war history but I digress.

The logo just screams like an army sergeant and hell, sometimes the players even skate out of an inflatable tank! The jersey itself is made to look like army gear with the stripes along the side. The only downfall to this is the terrible green colour but I guess you got to win some to lose some.

Blake-Clarke-Brampton-BattalionCody Hodgson and Matt Duchense got their start with the Battalion and put up some pretty decent numbers. I’m glad they decided to keep the name and not start over with something brand new in North Bay. Hopefully the fans will take to them just as faithfully as the ones in Brampton did. I’ll be looking forward to the start of the OHL season to see if there will be any changes made to the logo or jersey.

ANNOUNCEMENT: March Hockey Is Now A Column!

Proud to announce that March Hockey has accepted a columnist spot with! started in Cornwall, Ontario is 2011 and has since grown to serving Windsor and Edmonton. In 2012 they started a hockey section and are looking to expand from the NHL to the junior leagues.

March Hockey will be covering the eastern part of the Ontario Hockey League mainly the Ottawa 67’s and Kingston Frontenacs! Click on the banner to see the first article!


Barrie Colts Defies The Odds And Drafts Slovakian Goaltender

The Barrie Colts should be proud.

mast-logoEarlier this year, Hockey Canada had placed a ban on Canadian junior teams from drafting European or non Canadian goaltenders. Their thinking was that at a national level, our goaltending is lacking. Therefore if the junior teams only draft Canadian goaltenders, they will be able to get more conditioned and improve their game.

MY thinking is… do you get better if you don’t play against better players?

Barrie decided to defy that logic and drafted 18 year old goaltender Daniel Gibl from Slovakia. He was the only goaltender selected and it is possible that he could be the last European goaltender to be drafted into the league. Gibl played in the U20 league and boasted a .902 save percentage. Dale Hawerchuk can’t complain about that.

Anyway, it was nice to see a Canadian decide to go above and beyond and pick a foreign goalie. Like I said, you only get better when you play against better players.

50 Years Of Kitchener Rangers Hockey

rangers50logo_Last season marked number 50 for the Ontario Hockey League’s Kitchener Rangers. Over these 50 years, the team has seen over 140 players graduate to the National Hockey League. Current players such as Mike Richards and Gabriel Landeskog and hall of famers Paul Coffey, and Larry Robinson prove that Kitchener is a breeding ground for talent.

The Rangers started off in Guelph when a businessman by the name of Eugene George was instructed by the New York Rangers about a possible move to the Kitchener where junior hockey was flourishing. In 1963, the Kitchener Rangers were founded and started playing out of the Kitchener Auditorium.

In 1981, the Rangers were coached by Cornwall’s own (yay for hometowns!) Orval Tessier and led by familiar names such as Brian Bellows and Al MacInnis. Proving to be the start of a strong team, they played their way to the Memorial Cup finals, losing to the Cornwall Royals who were repeat champions.

The next season the Rangers once again fought their way to the Memorial Cup finals and faced the Sherbrooke Castors. With a Brian Bellows hat trick, the Rangers captured their first Memorial Cups

4749582026_96360b70fc_zAlthough the 1990’s turned out to be rebuilding years, the Kitchener Rangers returned to glory in the 2002-2003 season. Finishing first overall in the OHL, the team featured Mike Richards, David Clarkson and Derek Roy. In the Memorial Cup final, a hard fought battle was played out against the Hull Olympiques finishing with a 6-3 victory. The Kitchener Rangers were Memorial Cup champs yet again.

Junior hockey is still alive, well and thriving in Kitchener. The Rangers are always a playoff contender and will continue to be in the future. With currents stars like Ryan Murphy, Radek Faksa, and Max Iafrate, there’s no doubt in my mind Kitchener will return to the Memorial Cup podium. Hey, third time’s a charm.

Being An Away Fan In The Opposing Team’s Arena

Unless you’re the Ottawa Senators (cause banning Toronto fans into the Crappy Tire Centre can’t be too far behind.), fans from the opposing team in that evening’s game might be scarce. Sure there might be a couple of fans who live in town or a few might make a road trip down but there a few things to consider if you decide to head down this road.


1. Don’t Be A Drunken Loud Mouth Idiot
mad_hockey_fanThis is just asking for it. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen away fans lose their mind and get into people’s faces when their team scores only to be heckled even worse by the home fans surrounding them. Being a loud mouth in general is stupid but in certain arenas, this isn’t taken too lightly. Sit down, shut up, fist pump and scream a couple “Woohoo!” if you must but relax. You’re a visitor. (Toronto fans in Ottawa disregard this as I actually think it’s funny.)

2. Do Not Flaunt Your Jersey

Really Rihanna?! Really?! Sigh.
Really Rihanna?! Really?! Sigh.

I’m not saying don’t wear it. In fact, I recommended every fan in every sport to wear their jerseys with pride. Just don’t flaunt it. You’ve already been spotted with it on and mentally noted  as the enemy. For some reason, this is worse in places like Montreal and I hate to it, Boston. Personal story time: A few years ago my cousin, a Leafs fan, took in a regular season game in Montreal. He got up and did the occasional high fives and woohoo’s after every Leaf goal but was very tame. The Leafs ended up winning and on the way out, with him flaunting around his jersey got stabbed in the leg. Yes, it was stupidity on both parts but for future reference, just don’t do this. Granted, some people are just complete morons, hence this video:

3. Do Not Get Into The Home Town Fans Faces

This ties in with statement number 1 and it should be a given. There is nothing worse than know it all idiots who do nothing but rub the score in all game. News flash for you buddy, you’re outnumbered. If you’re gonna debate hockey stats, make sure you know your stuff buddy. Make one wrong move and it’s lights out for you.

4. Respect The Home Town Team

I don’t care how much you hate them. I don’t care how intense this “hatred” is. Respect the home team. You’re in their arena; their home. You’d want to be shown the same respect from visiting fans in your rink wouldn’t you? Furthermore, the players on your team are under just as much scrutiny as you are.

Oh…..and don’t be this guy. Goes for both home and away fans.


Canadian Hockey League’s Banning Of European Goaltenders.

Well here’s a touchy subject. For lack of a better reason and for a few years of failed World Junior Championship gold, the Canadian Hockey League has put in a ban of drafting European goaltenders. Apparently ours suck and need a wee bit of conditioning.

I’m gonna look at this from both sides of the table though.

Justin Pogge. (Photo - Sylvain Nadeau, flickr.)
Justin Pogge. (Photo – Sylvain Nadeau, flickr.)

First off, tell me something. Let’s say you were General Manager of oh…I don’t know…let’s say the Erie Otters. And let’s say you formed one hell of a team, you had the next Sidney Crosby, the next Pavel Datsyuk, the next Al McInnis (How come everyone’s forgotten about Al?!), hell, even the next Wayne Gretzky. All you’re missing from your piece of the Memorial Cup puzzle is one hot goaltender. Are you really going to care where this guy is from??? Who would you rather, Mika Samsoniteov  with a GAA of 0.02 from Russia or Johnny Canuck with a GAA of 10.93? I don’t know, but I’d be a little peeved.

Another question. Are they still allowed to draft American goaltenders?? Why sure they are! How is that really fair?

Sigh. But, as a patriotic Canadian I can see their point. Kinda. Our efforts at the World Juniors when it comes to goaltending the past few years have been dismal at most. While I won’t mention any names, (I’m sure you all know who they are), Team Canada has a HUGE reputation to uphold as the best hockey nation on the planet. They see that they are losing the goaltending battle and figure this is a way to save face.

Relax Bobby Lu. You're fine.
Relax Bobby Lu. You’re fine.

Last point though….no one’s saying these young Canadian goaltenders can’t go get signed over in the European leagues and get conditioned there. Hell, a bunch of the coaches are Canadian.

Second last point…..I hate to sound like a Don Cherry but, all you youngsters out there, STOP IT WITH THE BUTTERFLY. Stand up more, you’ll save more shots. But what do I know…..I’m just a woman, right?

Third last point. Kudos if you caught the Dumb and Dumber reference.