St. Louis Blues Accidental Jersey Leak?

Oh dear. Someone done goofed.

A post has appeared on Reddit of what seems to be a leaked picture of a St. Louis Blues third jersey. And It’s terrible.


I don’t understand the deal with NHL teams just wanting plain old text across the front. Same with numbers. Is this Bettman’s way of having more space on the jersey for the inevitable use of advertising?? Sweet lord, I hope not.

This jersey is dismal at most. It’s like the aren’t even trying anymore. Salute to original 6 hockey is most likely what they were going for but come on, you’re not even an original 6 team.

This makes me appreciate Dallas’s new ones SOOO much more.


JERSDAY A.K.A. Jersey Of The Week : Milwaukee Admirals

It’s JERSDAY! And you all know what that means!!


It’s our first weekly edition of our favourite hockey jerseys. We’ve chosen the brilliantly colour schemed Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL.


First off, the logo is money in the bank. How can you go wrong with a peg-legged pirate skeleton playing hockey?? It’s not overbearing or screaming out at you and it’s doesn’t have a million things going on. It’s just a pirate skeleton playing hockey. With one leg. I hope the genius who came up with that is sitting pretty and rolling in the dough by now. It’s definitely a step up from the one they had before.

THE COLOURS. Oh my. You can’t really go wrong with black as that seems to be the trend lately with NHL teams. (Although, they are starting to come around with more colour.) You also can’t go wrong with blue. The difference here is, Milwaukee is baby blue. A really pronounced baby blue which stands the out of the rest of the blue jersey wearing hockey teams out there. Lord knows there’s plenty.

milw_admirals_jerswwwThe jersey itself is plain and I like it that way. You don’t need stripes everywhere. You don’t need to send a homage to old time hockey. It’s sleek, flowing and modern. Hell, there’s even a Milwaukee Brewers glove patch on some bringing in their sporting heritage. Bet you didn’t know they were associated with Nashville.

And for that Peg Leg Pete, you get an A+.