Have NHL Questions? We Might Have Answers!

My New York hockey brothers and I have started a fan/reader mailbag section for Eyes On Isles!

If you have any New York Islanders or NHL questions that have been bugging you, by all means, send us an email to eyesonisles@gmail.com. Make sure you include your name and city along with the question.

Questions can be about anything hockey related and you’ll be featured on our site! Come on, you know you want too!!



Announcement: Newest Staff Writer for Eyes On Isles

Just a bit of an announcement folks. I have decided to leave my Blackout Dallas and Dallas Stars family for an oppourtunity to write with Eyes On Isles, a New York Islanders site.

I figured an Eastern Conference team would be easier on my schedule and better for my career. I hope all of the Islander fans out there welcome me with warm arms!

And with that, I urge you to go take a look at their site; I start up the week of July 8th.