Moving Parts – Players to watch over the next few days

A short summary of some of the names rumoured to be hitting the trade/free agency block the next few days. There of plenty of names hitting free agency on July 1st, but here are a few names already hitting the headlines recently.

Big Vinny

Vincent LecavalierLecavalier WILL be picked up. The Dallas Stars seem to be going after him pretty hard but i’ts early days right now. But a guy like this will a huge aid to any hockey club he chooses to join. It’s a no brainer for those GMs out there!


(Photo: Dan4th. flickr)
(Photo: Dan4th. flickr)

Kris Letang is also someone who seems to be heading for the trading block right now. After rejecting a Pittsburgh Penguin offer, and the Penguins then rejecting his more costly counter offer, Letang may well be made available to teams in the coming days. After his questionable play this year it will be interesting to see what teams will take an interest, he still has a heck of a lot to contribute.


Nathan Horton has decided to move on from the B’s. He will also aid plenty of clubs out there wanting to add size to their bench.

Danny Briere 

Danny Briere. (Photo: Jai Agnish. Flickr.)
Danny Briere. (Photo: Jai Agnish. Flickr.)

After disappointing Philadelphia again, Briere was bought out by the Flyers recently. Although I dont see many teams going hard for him – he deserves a mention.. he is a stand up guy, March and all Flyer fans will be cheering for this guy wherever he goes.



Another one hitting the rumour mill this week on a possible trade. He is a young skilled player with a Stanley Cup in his rookie year, and deep playoffs experience. He is also a no brainer for many clubs looking to add some depth.

Ranger Brad

The Rangers are currently denying any movement on Brad Richards as of now..will keep an eye on that.



It’s Always Money In Philadelphia?

Oh Paul Holmgren. Never change.

Rumors have been circulating around the Flyers this past week over player buyouts. Starting the ball rolling was the signing of former New York Islander captain Mark Streit to a 4 year, 21 million dollar contract. TSN first confirmed the signing leaving people to wonder what will come of the salary cap.

Enter stage left: Danny Briere.

Danny Briere. (Photo: Jai Agnish. Flickr.)
Danny Briere. (Photo: Jai Agnish. Flickr.)

35 year old Daniel Briere as indeed been told by management that he will be bought out as early as 48 hours after the Stanley Cup Finals have ended. Confirmed by ESPN’s Pierre Lebrun, Briere was on the downhill anyways. He never materialized into the power offensive forward he was once toted at. It will be good to get his 6.5 million off the books.

Enter from humongous big universe: Ilya Bryzgalov.

Ilya Bryzgalov. (Photo: Jai Agnish. Flickr)
Ilya Bryzgalov. (Photo: Jai Agnish. Flickr)

I was rooting for Bryz. I really was. I really wanted him to turn into something spectacular. His lovable demeanor off the ice made everyone root for him I think. But once again, poor Bryzgalov never panned out as Philadelphia’s hot goaltender. There have been rumors of whether or not he will be bought out, but it really is inevitable.

As a long time Flyers fan, I’m patiently waiting for the next Ron Hextall. I think I might be waiting awhile.