Coach’s Corner Saturday: Don Cherry On The Blue Jays And Eric Lindros

55652-bigthumbnailHere’s a beauty of a clip. Takes place in 1991 and Grapes rips apart the Canada Cup, praises the Blue Jays and explains the Eric Lindros/Quebec Nordiques situation. And argues with Ron as per usual. “Ron, did you fall off a turnip truck?!”

What a time for hockey folks.



Coach’s Corner Saturday: Don Cherry And The Russians

55652-bigthumbnailHere’s the first installment of our look back at vintage and not so vintage Don Cherry and Coach’s Corner rants.

This one is a beaut. This took place at the 1996 World Cup of Hockey in Vancouver. Grapes flips his lid over the Russians in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to the point where he say they suck. Also points out the Federov is a diver and harps on the other European teams.

And calls Mike Liut a siev. He goes berserk, it’s amazing.