Goalie Mask Sunday: Ben Scrivens

8212395508_1cd35570ee                                               Doesn’t this mask bring back memories? For some reason it makes me think of the old school Leafs and Felix Potvin. Maybe because it’s a bit similar in style.


8212395242_6259ea6fecIt’s just plain enough to make every stand and pop out. Scrivens actually wanted to go old school in this 2012 mask and Gunnarsson gave him just that. The way the main Leaf morphs into larger ones around the top of the head give it the old school look. I actually am quite fond of this little to no artwork on it. It makes the viewer focus right in on the main point; the Maple Leaf. Sadly, we will never see this mask again.


LA Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs Exchange Backups

Dave Nonis is getting a head start on the rest of the field this summer and creates the first big trade of the offseason.

Bernier. (Photo: puckme_1. flickr.)
Bernier. (Photo: puckme_1. flickr.)

Toronto sent back up Ben Scrivens and forward Matt Frattin, plus a second round draft pick to Los Angeles in exchange for Bernier. The Maple Leafs finally made a trade in their favour.

Bernier has been back up to Jonathan Quick the past four years and his playing time got dismal as Quick got hotter. Not to outdo Toronto’s young James Reimer, Bernier is a hint of added depth to the position and also has a shot at being the Leafs number 1 netminder. Bernier is set to become a restricted free agent but I don’t not see any doubt in why that contract will not take place.

In LA’s case, Scrivens could turn out to be a solid backup for Quick; not that Bernier wasn’t. Matty Frattin a speedy forward is definitely a great addition as well.

In any case, it’s a great day for Leaf fans. Bernier has been looked at being a franchise goaltender for years now. Let’s just see if he holds up to it.