BOW DOWN TO THE KINGS: River Kings to stay in Cornwall

Time to make some noise Cornwall!

Photo: Rick Bowen
Photo: Rick Bowen

The hockey gods that are the LNAH board of governors have decided to give the River Kings back where it belongs; to the city of Cornwall.

Local businessman, real estate agent and now owner of the Cornwall River Kings, Brock Frost had made a successful pitch to the powers that be of the league. The secret was kept under wraps for a number of weeks. David Small and his partnership had given the team back to the league at the end of May and it was all in the league’s hands.

This won’t be an easy task. With little to no advertising being used inside the rink due to a lopsided deal between the Junior A. Cornwall Colts and the City of Cornwall, Frost and the River Kings will have their work cut out for them. However, the word of mouth is a powerful thing.

At the beginning of last season there was talk of the fans starting up a Booster Club. I can not stress how important this club will be to the team once it gets going. This has the oppourtunity to generate a secondary income for the team. Teams in the UK have paid their entire teams roster when struggling through tough financial times. Let’s be smart Cornwall and make sure our team never ends up this way again.

Kudos to Councilor Brock Frost (Yeah, he’s running for council but I’m going to call it now and say he’s earned a spot at the round table), and whoever helped him along his way to keep the blue, red and white of the River Kings on course. The real work starts now.

That means you, reading this. YOU need to come out to the games. YOU need to buy merchandise. YOU need to GET INVOLVED. Let’s make sure this upcoming season is one we’ll never forget.

Who’s house? Our house.


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2 thoughts on “BOW DOWN TO THE KINGS: River Kings to stay in Cornwall”

  1. So… can I be annoying and ask for the five-minute course on what the LNAH is? I mean, I’m not totally incompetent, I looked it up on Wikipedia, but that’s pretty thin on things like context with other pro leagues, types of players there (beyond the former NHLers they listed for name recognition purposes, etc.), following, whether they’re hiring (joking… kind of) etc.
    Part II: Anywhere online to buy a River Kings tshirt or something? I like less-common-than-the-Leafs hockey team merch and want to do my part!

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