Morale never been higher for Coventry Blaze

175px-CoventryBlazeFor the first time, I have never seen a team with more enthusiasm and grit then the Coventry Blaze this past week and a half.

Too bad it’s come at the end of the season.

I don’t know if it’s the fact the Soderstrom is out of the picture or if it’s Lefebvre’s ultimatum of the players having to play for their jobs but for the past two games, the Blaze have come out of the gates hungrier then ever. They say a change does you good and it certainly proves true with this club.

After another big win over the Braehead Clan, the focus now shifts to playing more as a unit. The defense needs to come together and help out goaltender Mike Zacharias or else they’ll be completely screwed come playoff weekend. Being able to control your emotions the way Ryan Ginand did with Chris Frank is a big attribute to have this late in the season. Frank suffered a three game suspension for his cheap shot, not a bright move.

Whether or not the Blaze are playing their hearts out is because of a change, one has to wonder if newly appointed head coach Marc Lefebvre has what it takes to lead this group past the end of playoff weekend. Will he do enough in this small amount of time to earn himself a complete full schedule next year? I’m not sure. I don’t know if the Blaze brass was looking at this as a short term solution or a long term investment.

However, whatever he’s did the past two games seem to be working. It could be fate that the powers that be will let this season end on a positive note. Lord knows it’s been nothing but bad news after bad news for the mighty blue. When the off season comes around, where do you start looking? What do you need to add to compliment your core players, that is if they even stick around?

The more moral may be at an all time high for the 2013/2014 season. The long term championship goal however seems light years away.


Author: MarchHockey

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