Cornwall River Kings get ready for intense rematch against Laval Braves

Photo: Rick Bowen
Photo: Rick Bowen

Last weekend the Cornwall River Kings entered the so called “House of Pain” and came out with an 8-1 thumping of the Lavallyfield Braves. (In case you’re not up to speed, the team originally started in Valleyfield but soon moved to Laval due to financial and municipal reasons.) Now Laval has a storied history in the LNAH with the previous squad in the Chiefs and are trying to live up to the reputation.

The “House of Pain” didn’t seem to work in their favour however as Cornwall’s tough guys tossed the Braves around like there’s no tomorrow. Including Braves team coach Dannick Lessard pulling a John Tortorella and making his way over to the Cornwall bench. All in all the game ended in 204 penalty minutes.

Oh LNAH (or Laval for the most part), stay classy.

Anyway, this Saturday is bringing the two teams back against each other but this time down the 401 down in Cornwall’s barn. With the intensity of a fierce home crowd, I would assume the outcome is going to look a lot like last Friday. Cell Block E will be ringing with pandemonium to get a chance to get their chirps in at Dannick Lessard and the Braves. However, Dannick won’t be behind the bench as a 4 game sentence was handed down from the LNAH for his actions.

No matter, the best team on the ice will prevail and River Kings had made some changes and have proved to icing a more then competitive team. Not everybody will agree with some of the decisions they’ve made but this is hockey and stars/players move on. It’s the nature of the sport. Management has done everything in their power to make this a fan’s team and they haven’t let up.

Photo: Rick Bowen
Photo: Rick Bowen

Loic Lacasse will most likely start and will be a gem in net as usual. Look for the last place Braves to try once again to put on a show and throw the River Kings off their game. Obviously Cornwall is much stronger and won’t let anybody push them around in their house.

Who’s House? You know whose it is.


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2 thoughts on “Cornwall River Kings get ready for intense rematch against Laval Braves”

  1. Great article, some people just don’t get it, hockey games are won by scoring goals,Laval was on the impression that goons would win them games,one thing they forgot is that you must be able to play the game Cornwall River Kings will outplay,& outfight you any day difference is we have STRONG HOCKEY PLAYERS.

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