LNAH: Valleyfield Braves And Their Expansion Draft

The newest expansion team to come into the LNAH is the Valleyfield Braves who is sure to start a rivalry with their “down the 401” brothers in the Cornwall River Kings.

valleyfieldAt the LNAH expansion draft, the Braves aquired a total of 28 players from the 7 remaining teams. Here is who became property of Valleyfield and where they were taken from:

1. Cornwall River Kings: Karl Fournier, Shawn Collymore, Steve McJannett and Bryan Luker

2. Marquis de Jonquiere: David Masse, Pierre-Luc Emond, Maxime Daigneault, Eric Laplante

3. Riviere du Loup 3L: Jeremie Gouchie, Philippe Lauze, Pier-Olivier Pelletier, Drew Paris

4. Sorel Tracy HC Carvena: Alex Alepin, Bryan Main, Guillaume Monast, Mike Varhaug

5. St Georges Cool FM: Philippe Seguin, Cory Pecker, Vincent Grondin, Remi Royer

6. Thetford Mines Isothormic: Jean Charles Charette, Pierre Luc Lessard, Francis Lemieux, Eric Lecompte

7: Trois Rivieres Caron et Guay: Charles Fontaine, Michael Pregent, Anthony Mezzagno, David Rose

The Braves should be able to ice a fairly decent team from this collective amount of players. It’ll be interesting to see what happens on the ice in Cornwall this season.


Author: MarchHockey

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