Seattle Coyotes? Looks More And More Like It

Gary Bettman released a statement today that said the ownership is up to the City of Glendale now and not the NHL.

498There has been talk that the NHL has various 2013/2014 schedules made up that has Phoenix and Seattle games listed. They also have no problem with the “Coyotes” playing out of Seattle’s Key Arena.

I can see Seattle being a hockey city. With their proximity to Vancouver, it could easily start up a rivalry for the ages. That being said, I wish they would move them back to Quebec. I miss those Nordiques.

For fun, let’s think of what the team would be called. Seattle Sonics? Already done. Seattle Reign? Nice ring to it but I think it was already done. Seattle Storm? Also nice but too generic. Got any of your own?? Comment or drop me a line on Twitter! @MissAMarch


Author: MarchHockey

Owner/Editor Sports. Music. Nursing. Life. Twitter: @MarchHockey

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