Are you a hockey player who can grow a mad ‘stache? Then sign up for #Muzzy4Money!

Chris Frank of the Elite Ice Hockey League’s Braehead Clan and the rest of Hockey Players Assemble are calling for hockey players all around the world to take part in the 2014 edition of #Muzzy4Money!

Everyone knows who the world has transformed November into Movember in which men grows mustaches for the entire month to raise money for men’s cancer research. Well, Hockey Players Assemble turn it up a notch by raising money for not only cancer reseaUnknown-1rch but one of the four charities that are selected by HPA!

Last year they raised a total over $3,000 dollars and they are definitely looking to double next month! There will be plenty of prizes for best ‘staches and ladies, you’re not left out! Prizes will be awarded for your creativity as well! Pick up anything around the house or workplace and turn that into the best handle-bar mustache the world has ever seen.

On November first, you’ll upload your bare face. Every five days you’ll update the world on your fantastic manly mustache.

This campaign is calling for all you fourth line dusters out there. Come showcase your muzzy for money! (Bonus points for your best Lanny MacDonald impression.)

Here’s information on how to register: #Muzzy4Money (click the link)



Author: MarchHockey

Owner/Editor Sports. Music. Nursing. Life. Twitter: @MarchHockey

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